Confession: I enjoy the taste of burnt carbs. For this reason pizza is much better, in my opinion, the second time around, so I can heat it up and let it get a little crispy. Confession: I'm technically from the south, but I fit in much better with the northern culture. But really, I think … Continue reading Confessions

Friday Things

I like these things... An amazing street photographer from the 50's and 60's How to fight unhealthy snacking - lots of good stuff in here Super rad Mike photos - Political cartoon from last summer... Shiba puppy + horse!   [all photos found online in various places; they are not my own]

Spring Blooms

Just wanted to share some photos of flowering trees that have been making my middle of the semester, not-sure-what-the-weather-is-doing days. Thanks Virginia Tech, for being so inspiring and uplifting this spring! By the way, if you haven't yet, would you mind taking this quick survey letting me know your thoughts about my blog? I appreciate … Continue reading Spring Blooms