Short Hair

After I got out of the shower after my hair cut (two months ago) and felt my once-long locks chopped and thin from the water, I felt like a cog. One of those cyborg half-human ladies from a dystopian sci-fi movie. Not that having short hair is bad, I just felt... bald. The last time … Continue reading Short Hair

Online Shopping

Where do you do your online clothes shopping? When I want a new outfit, I always stick with stores I'm familiar with. J. Crew Factory, Target, and Anthropologie are my main go-to's. Well, I never buy clothes from Anthro, but they are fun to look at and I trust their brand and like their website. … Continue reading Online Shopping

Summer Uniform

Short shorts and tees for days What is your go-to summer outfit? I love the simplicity, ease, (and warmth!) of dressing in the summer. I'm not saying these outfits (or photo quality) are great, but that doesn't mean I don't love them with all of my heart. ❤

Some Outfits

Just a few things I've worn here and there. Thought it might be fun to document a little bit! Please forgive the lighting and overall quality slash facial expressions.              

Hair Stuff

You know what I think is crazy? The way people talk about middle parts as if they were never a thing. HELLO! They were a thing like, five years ago! Don't you have any recollection of that?? And most importantly, do you not remember the nineties? All I could think about (in terms of hair) … Continue reading Hair Stuff