Trash or Treasure

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Gladiator Sandals – TREASURE

Photo Apr 12, 5 00 12 PMIt’s taken me a while to get on this trend, but I finally am into them. Here’s the catch – they can’t be overly strappy. Otherwise it just looks like your feet are in prison.


Birkenstock Sandals – TRASH

indexI hate saying that, but I had decided I would buy a pair, since.. if anyone is wearing birks it might as well be me, and then it turns out after looking into it, I don’t think they’re all that attractive. Bummer. (Though now that I’m making this post, they would go really well with that romper below – right?)


Rompers – TREASURE

cn9480815I mostly think they’re cute in appropriate situations, say, at the beach. You’ve gotta pick and choose where you wear it. I think they’re super sexy for a walk around a beach town with a bathing suit underneath.


Bodysuits – TRASH

cn9482569Eww. Romper is a cute name, and it shows off your legs and kind of makes you feel like a kid again, but bodysuits are just yuck. However, the more I see them in the stores the more I think they’re not so bad. What is wrong with me.


Overalls – TREASURE

cn9621730I’m trying to find a pair for meself! I’ve looked at Goodwill and Plato’s Closet and have been trying to find a good deal somewhere, but I can’t find anything less than $30 or $40. I’ve been debating buying the ones from Old Navy with my rewards, but I’d rather wait until they go on sale.


Fedoras – TREASURE, obviously


Kimonos – TREASURE

d0067c076cd8b42dbd3a08b1fa66e9ccI have two! Can never figure out when to wear them, but I think I’m starting to hit my stride with them. Again, it’s gotta be the right moment. Like an end-of-the-year casual-ish evaluation & planning meeting, just on the bend of shorts season. At least, that worked for me.


Palazzo Pants – TREASURE IMG_4247If there’s anything I love about fashion, it’s these pants being in style. Amen.

3 thoughts on “Trash or Treasure

  1. Emily S says:

    I am also surprised at how hard it is to make my kimono look right on me. It has to be paired with just the right things or it looks out of place. They’re EVERYWHERE in OC.


  2. Squidge says:

    “Kimonos- can never figure out when to where them” literally the story of my life. I really want to buy one but can never think of an occasion it’s appropriate for?


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