Hi friend!

Welcome to Bohemian Bright, a travel + lifestyle blog that expresses my laid-back, whimsical spirit as well as my love for J.Crew and sun-filled spaces. Every aspect of travel makes me giddy, from discovering new places to the risks that come with unknown adventures to the hours of planning and organization that go into every trip. When I’m researching a new location, I soak up out every bit of information I can find, so when I’m out and about I love to capture my experience through photos and share detailed, clear tips for other travelers who can never have too much information. You’ll also find that I occasionally share everyday musings and other inspirations.

My husband Whit is endeared to my quirkiness; he laughs when we’re walking along and all of a sudden I stumble or drop something, but then swiftly act like nothing happened. Eliza Thornberry is my kindred spirit, and I wish I could make friends with all the animals. For now, our fluffy cat Tela is my sidekick. We just moved back to the US after two years in Paris. We loved our time in France, and spent most of our free time slowly perusing all the museums, chilling in jazz bars, or chatting over a bottle of wine by the Seine. If you come over to hang out, we’ll have on jazz classics or groovy funk, and quickly bring out some kind of snack (preferably French cheese and wine, but maybe a big already-opened bag of Ruffles – we’re not needlessly fancy), and hopefully end up deep in analysis or playing some kind of strategy game.

I’m pretty quiet unless you get me started on international development, my favorite Phish shows, or whatever crazy dream I had last night. You’ll frequently find me hunched over my computer, 15 tabs open, planning our next adventure. When I’m not sifting through my favorite photos or ogling travel blogs, I love to sit down to a good sci-fi/dystopian movie or a classic novel (Hemingway is my favorite). As an INTP, I think very abstractly and have a running list on my phone of idioms I’ve failed to remember correctly (one time I said red horse instead of black sheep – whoops). I loved sloths and llamas before they were popular, and my enneagram 5w4 puts me in the market for a new obscure but cute animal. Send over ideas – I’m thinking about taking up raccoons or seals.

Growing up, my dad often quoted The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss: “It’s fun to have fun, but you have to know how.” So, let’s have fun!

Feel free to contact me to say hi, ask a question, or inquire about a partnership. I’d love to chat with you! sydni {dot} jackson7 {at} gmail {dot} com.

All photos, unless otherwise noted, are my own. All rights reserved.



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