Newborn Favorites (+ my entire baby item checklist!)

I have always loved seeing posts like this, and looked at dozens when I was planning for Baby J's arrival. Now that Arthur is here, these are the products I would sing about! This is just my personal experience, but these are the essentials I relied on and would buy again and again. I'll share … Continue reading Newborn Favorites (+ my entire baby item checklist!)

Hospital Bag Essentials (Natural Birth)

I packed EVERYTHING in my bags for labor and recovery. I would rather be over-prepared than under-prepared, and I'm very thorough, so I don't think I missed anything in my planning! HOWEVER, in the end we used about 5% of the things we brought! Seriously. So I wanted to share what I actually used! We'll … Continue reading Hospital Bag Essentials (Natural Birth)

2018 recap

This year certainly had its ups and downs. Having worked in college ministry, being back in grad school, and then being on a college ministry schedule again, I tend to view each year in terms of the school schedule (i.e., September-June) rather than the calendar year. Until now I haven't really reflected on 2018 as … Continue reading 2018 recap