Arthur’s Birth Story: Part I

Arthur Thomas Jackson is here!! He was born on July 13, 2021 at 7:44am weighing 7lbs 7oz and measuring 20.5 inches long. I can't even believe it. Pregnancy is this long waiting game of now and not yet. My baby guy lived in my belly and I bonded with him and felt his kicks and … Continue reading Arthur’s Birth Story: Part I

51 Movies I Watched in the Last Year and a Half

After compiling a list of all the movies I want to see (I use Asana for stuff like this!), I found myself watching way more movies than I normally would, and across a wider range of genres. Instead of watching a tv show or repeating my go-to movies over and over, I actually watched the … Continue reading 51 Movies I Watched in the Last Year and a Half

2018 recap

This year certainly had its ups and downs. Having worked in college ministry, being back in grad school, and then being on a college ministry schedule again, I tend to view each year in terms of the school schedule (i.e., September-June) rather than the calendar year. Until now I haven't really reflected on 2018 as … Continue reading 2018 recap