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strasbourg, the capital of christmas

What were you doing in 1570? Oh wait, that was 37 years before your ancestors had possibly even come over on the Mayflower and 200 years before America was officially a country. But since then, for 448 years, Strasbourg has hosted the “Christkindelsmärik,” the oldest Christmas market in Europe. Since my parents were with us for… Continue reading strasbourg, the capital of christmas

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christmas in paris: part ii

This is the second half of my parents’ visit to Paris at Christmastime. If you missed the first part, you can find it here.  Strasbourg Two days before Christmas, we boarded our (very first!) European rail and headed to Strasbourg, the Capital of Christmas. We devoured our way through the Christmas markets, took lots of… Continue reading christmas in paris: part ii

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colmar, france: a fairytale village

Busch Gardens: Europe in Williamsburg has a petite section of the park set up to look like a quaint town in France. A street lined with faux bakeries, patisseries, and shops is painted pastel shades of yellow, pink, and blue. The streets are cobblestone and the small sidewalks force you to walk in the middle… Continue reading colmar, france: a fairytale village

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The Best Christmas Present + Coupon Code!

A few years ago my coworker brought a VHS to DVD conversion kit into our office. He was getting ready to move overseas, but he didn’t want his kids’ collection of movies to go to waste, so he had his assistant help convert the VHS’s to DVD and digital formats. I had heard of this… Continue reading The Best Christmas Present + Coupon Code!

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A Comprehensive Christmas Movie List

Here’s a selection of Christmas movies for you to choose from this holiday season. This should be enough to last you through the next two weeks. 😉 (Wait, is Christmas in less than two weeks??!) The Classics: Home Alone Hands down the best Home Alone 2: Lost in New York We always count how many… Continue reading A Comprehensive Christmas Movie List