Are you guys into thrillers - books or movies? I used to enjoy a good thriller movie (the Village, Disturbia, Final Destination), but now I can hardly watch them because they mess with my mind and anxiety too much (I get panic attacks!). Actually, now that I'm looking at it, a lot of my favorite … Continue reading Thrillers

30+ Best Movies to Watch with the Family

I saw this post by Cup of Jo that recommended movies to watch with your family. The main criteria she gave were avoiding sex scenes and swearing - basically, anything that you would be uncomfortable watching with your parents (or grandparents!). However, I thought the list fell short of meeting those very two objectives! (See: … Continue reading 30+ Best Movies to Watch with the Family


Confession: I once stole a magazine that I liked from a doctor's office, because I wanted to finish reading it. (That's allowed, right??) Confession: I never ate a salad for a meal until the year 2012. Probably why I have gluten intolerance. Confession: My favorite genre of movie is sci-fi thriller, or action/adventure, but I … Continue reading Confessions