Puerto Rico Part III: Old San Juan

I wanted to put up this post last week, but I never got the energy to finish it. Things have been busy around here, to say the least! Such is life as a missionary staff member... LOTS to do, and lots of travel, and it's all "normal"! Yesterday was my last day in the office, … Continue reading Puerto Rico Part III: Old San Juan

Friday Things

I like these things... I had a good week, did you? I got a 3-day pass to LA Fitness with my friend Jenny, and taught her how to do freestyle and backstroke. It was so rewarding to see her catch on so fast to the strokes I taught her! 🙂 We did yoga a couple … Continue reading Friday Things

Some Outfits

Just a few things I've worn here and there. Thought it might be fun to document a little bit! Please forgive the lighting and overall quality slash facial expressions.              

Liebster Award

Yay, I'm so excited for this! Emily from embusyliving nominated me for this "award" which is really just a fun way to connect bloggers with small followings; it's a great way to learn more about other bloggers and for other readers to find your blog. Rules: Thank and link the person who nominated you. ‣ … Continue reading Liebster Award

Hair Stuff

You know what I think is crazy? The way people talk about middle parts as if they were never a thing. HELLO! They were a thing like, five years ago! Don't you have any recollection of that?? And most importantly, do you not remember the nineties? All I could think about (in terms of hair) … Continue reading Hair Stuff

Friday Things

I like these things... Have you seen Interstellar? It's one of the most well-written, best acted, and cinematically impressive movies I've seen in a couple of years. I couldn't stop thinking about it for days! It was almost - but not quite - as completely mind-shattering as 2001. I still haven't seen Gravity (I'm scared it … Continue reading Friday Things