Puerto Rico: The Beach

I saved up my money and went on a trip, to one of my favorite places in the world, no less - the Caribbean. Puerto Rico to be specific. My cousin Scott had a destination wedding, and I was happy to make the trip out there. I joined my parents, which was pretty much the … Continue reading Puerto Rico: The Beach

A Purple Crocus

Inspired by laying in a meadow of purple flowers... Becoming one with the flowers... An ant half the size of me crawls up my back, but just as quickly scurries on away from my body; A fuzzy bumblebee tickles my cheeks, searching for pollen; I slurp up the sun's rays, devouring them like a big … Continue reading A Purple Crocus

Friday Things

I like these things... We're leaving for a weekend vacation this afternoon. I'm exhausted from prepping for it! Do you ever feel like that? Hah. I thought I only had an hour or two of things to gather up and go to the store for this morning, but it ended up taking ALL morning, plus … Continue reading Friday Things