Friday Things

I like these things…

We’re leaving for a weekend vacation this afternoon. I’m exhausted from prepping for it! Do you ever feel like that? Hah. I thought I only had an hour or two of things to gather up and go to the store for this morning, but it ended up taking ALL morning, plus some of the afternoon. Bleh. I’m excited to arrive and start CHILLING!


Thought-provoking music article. I don’t agree with everything in it, but I love this quote: “How often do you see a concert where a musician is risking a bad performance for the pursuit of artistic expression? A lot of concerts are nothing more than a magic act – an illusion of greatness masked behind premeditated intention.” And that, my friends, is the greatness of Phish. They risk everything for the beauty of creation and art; sometimes it turns out a little less than expected, but many times it simply blows the attendees out of their minds.

THIS IS WHAT I WANT IN A GIRLFRIEND!!! S0 great to finally hear it from someone else. 😉 I don’t care that much about talking (unless it’s catching up after it’s been awhile, or there’s something craaazy going on), but I LOVE hanging out with friends and just doing… stuff. I also like this idea… any takers??

April is over, and I am bummed to say goodbye to earth month. In celebration of all the fun we had regarding sustainability, here are some faves…





I didn’t mention this! But it’s so true. And convicting…. I have a leather bag I got on clearance which I love, but the thought didn’t even cross my mind that it hurt an animal to obtain it. Boo.

Iceland: Let’s save it! 22720_10103404784855713_6792636869651389121_n


And last but not least, a wonderful reminder for this week….and life.



Happy Weekend! Later days!

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