A Quirky Museum Filled with Taxidermy

Undoubtedly, one of the best parts of living in Paris is having a zillion amazing museums at your fingertips. Whit and I are major museum nerds. We like almost any kind of museum - fine art, science, natural history - whatever it is, we want to learn about it. Paris has a number of world-famous … Continue reading A Quirky Museum Filled with Taxidermy

Our Absolute Favorite Thing to Do in Paris

There's no denying the magic of Paris. What is it that makes it such a romantic place? It's not even that you have to have someone to enjoy the romance with - it's more that you develop a romance with the city itself. The City of Light has artistry woven throughout its history. Its history … Continue reading Our Absolute Favorite Thing to Do in Paris

2018 recap

This year certainly had its ups and downs. Having worked in college ministry, being back in grad school, and then being on a college ministry schedule again, I tend to view each year in terms of the school schedule (i.e., September-June) rather than the calendar year. Until now I haven't really reflected on 2018 as … Continue reading 2018 recap