mitchell lake & blue lake hike

In the spirit of continuing to blog long overdue travel summaries, here is the next post in the “Jackson Tour of the US” series…

Being outdoors has always inspired in me a sense of exploration, and there’s no place in the US I’ve found to be more adventurous than Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP). Every hike, every trail, every view is so unique and offers so many eye-catching details, from flowers to wildlife, from boulders to glaciers.

Last summer we only had time to do one hike. I’m quite partial to seeing as many lakes as possible – probably from realizing that all of those desktop backgrounds with mountains reflecting into a lake and flowers in the foreground were taken in Colorado and wanting to replicate that experience.

Mitchell Lake was a nice hike which displayed what I’ve always wanted to see in RMNP – tons and tons of wildflowers! In true RMNP fashion, our hike included pine forest, flowing streams, glacial views, and a rewarding lake at the end. This hike gives you two lakes for the price of one, with Mitchell Lake first, surrounded by lush grass perfect for picnicking, and Blue Lake after a steeper hike with expansive views.

My favorite part of the day was sharing a treat with a sneaky chipmunk that climbed onto my backpack for some trail mix. He came back so many times and didn’t seem to be afraid of us, so once when he ran by I reached out and petted him. He wasn’t scared off, so we kept offering cranberries and fruit snacks to get him to come back for pictures and pets.

Then, to top off the day, we spotted two grazing moose as we were driving away.
















What’s your favorite hike in RMNP?

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