finding coziness

Usually when we hear the word “cozy,” we think of knit blankets, fuzzy animal friends, lit candles, and warm drinks. In this winter season of Hygge, we’re constantly on the lookout for cozy. But coziness can be found outside of the traditional sense, too.

For something to be cozy in my eyes, it needs to feel comforting, protective, and endearing. It may be ordinary, but a little bit surprising. Something you appreciate for being what it is – not searching for a deeper meaning.

Here are some ways to find coziness all throughout the year…

  • Standing in the kitchen at night – alone reminiscing, or chatting with a friend – when you’re supposed to be asleep
  • Taking a calm swim in the cool morning of a hot day
  • Basking in a ray of sun
  • Driving on back roads at night, locked into a favorite song or simply listening to nature, with the windows rolled down, as the world goes by
  • Putting various objects into a bag, small box, or basket that’s just the right size
  • Sitting on the floor playing with children
  • Watching a movie in the afternoon with the blinds down and the lights off
  • Curling up in a chair, on a couch, or outside with nowhere to go and nothing else to do
  • Coming across a little shack or shed behind someone’s home
  • Grandma’s house
  • Your fingers pressing the keys of an old piano that’s slightly out of tune
  • Wandering through town after dinner on a beach vacation
  • Feeling the heaviness of a camera in your hands before you begin taking pictures
  • The smell and surprise of how things are stacked in a used bookstore, an antique shop, or an old garage
  • The warm breeze wrapping around your towel when you’re bundled up on the beach
  • Cuddling a sleepy animal
  • Noticing something funny or endearing, but you’re the only one around who saw it
  • Contemplating as you stare out the window of a bus or airplane
  • Listening to jazz that transports you to the feeling of attending a formal event
  • Hunkering down to play a long strategy game
  • Staying up late having deep conversation with friends

Where do you find coziness??

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