Checking In

Below follows my miscellaneous thoughts that have arisen from the past week…

We are officially moved in in Colorado. The past week has been what people normally call “a blur.” The blog scene has been one of the least of my priorities, falling below packing boxes, moving boxes, cleaning, scrounging up meals, shopping, finalizing tasks, finishing up at work, juggling responsibilities, packing suitcases, moving suitcases, painting, etc., etc.

I have soaked up every minute of the past two weeks. Most people hate moving, but it sincerely energizes me. I could work through the night, but I know I need to sleep. I wake up every morning pumped to go through the day. Whit cannot understand it, but is grateful. I love change, and I especially love change in routine. I would crumble into a sack of misery in a job that is exactly the same day after day. My absolute favorite day was arriving in Colorado after several days of movement, and one long day of travel, and being able to drive all over town in a shiny rental car picking up groceries, bikes, and new sets of sheets.

Betwixt all the whirlwind, my emotions are playing catch up to all of the transition. I am honestly sad to be leaving have left Pennsylvania, but how does one process those feelings? Do you feel them? Talk about them? Simply acknowledge them? I dunno. I try as hard as possible to deal with them as much as I can, so they aren’t stored up in the well of emotions that gets dumped out in a fury after a storm develops. I will sincerely miss my friends – from Sunday school, from youth group (the leaders and students), from work, from anywhere else; my church and its wonderful God-centered people and outreach-driven ministry; my team and my job – knowing that I am doing something significant for God’s Kingdom and being appreciated for it (not even a need that I really feel, so is overly fulfilled), and working alongside my best friends. Not to mention the flexibility, spiritual growth and maturity that have developed, my DOCTORS, the shopping, even the density of people and houses and buildings forever.

But. It was a season and I knew it was a season. Now, I am moving on to the next season – but am not quite fully there yet. This role of being on the Staff Conference Team is my last hi-ho on staff (I just made that term up – we’re using it). It’s completely different people and different responsibilities (though still in my skill-set) than my job in the regional office with Global Missions {just for logistics sake I’m telling you this.} Whit’s and my busyness will be flip-flopped, as I’m just revving up and he’s full-force saddling his normal job and two (will be four) seminary classes {yeesh!}. Then when the conference nears, I’ll be crazybusy all the time and he’ll be done with class and have some free time. After this is all over, I’ll have a few weeks of technical vacation and then my time on staff will close. I love, love working this organization, and truly will be bummed that I won’t be an official staff member anymore, though I will be affiliate staff.

Whit took a break for me tonight and we walked one street over to get fro yo from my favorite place from four years ago, Mahalo. It’s still there. He told me about Old Testament history and I hashed through my feelings over a situation that arose involving our new roommates. It was a stressful day, with everything about our rooming situation up in the air at one point. I think the worst has blown over, but we are still left to deal with those yucky remnants that float up after a conflict and confrontation (or lack thereof). This is intentionally vague because it’s superfluous to this post, so I may mention it later, but would definitely share if you asked me about it. Regardless, it was a test or a trial or a spiritual attack, but we depended on the Lord to the best of our ability and I pray that He is glorified from it! I really want to make lasting relationships with these people, or at least a lasting impact, bringing them one or two small steps closer to Jesus and His gospel of grace. I hope it happens, because I have never really gotten to be in a situation of semi-permanent influence over non-believers in a not-actual ministry setting, and I am grateful for the opportunity this summer.

On a lighter note, I love my job so far and have in one day obtained: three colored v-neck shirts, one free lunch (at a Mongolian grill – YUM), two packages of snacks (they sit right behind me… yikes), and one Klondike bar. I think this will be a good summer. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. Emily S says:

    Congrats on completing your move! I know just how you feel. All of those feelings that come from moving so far from everything you’ve known for the past few years… I know it’s almost impossible to put it all into words, but I just KNOW. I feel you. There is so much I cannot put into words either, but I get it.

    I’m sorry to hear you guys are having a difficult roommate situation! Are you subletting? I hope things can go really well there and that you don’t have too much difficulty. Living with new people can be so hard.


    • sydnijackson says:

      Thank you! It’s nice to have someone who can relate. As for the rooming situation… yes we are subletting, but it’s tricky because we’re on an individual lease, and we brought our cat, but the other roommates weren’t communicated with beforehand, and one of them is severely allergic to our cat. I think it will be okay, but it was a bit dramatic yesterday!!


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