coming up for air

Hey, friends! It's been awhile since I've even thought about writing a blog post - any free time I've had in the past, oh, six months, has been quickly gobbled up by trying to really rest. It was only yesterday that for the first time in six months I've felt like I been able to … Continue reading coming up for air

what is it like to move to france?

I wrote a little bit about how I've been feeling about our move in my last post, but I thought I would share a little more about what it's been like for us to move to Paris. This might be interesting for people thinking about moving overseas, or just for those of you who are … Continue reading what is it like to move to france?

Checking In

Below follows my miscellaneous thoughts that have arisen from the past week... We are officially moved in in Colorado. The past week has been what people normally call "a blur." The blog scene has been one of the least of my priorities, falling below packing boxes, moving boxes, cleaning, scrounging up meals, shopping, finalizing tasks, … Continue reading Checking In


Wanderlust is what they call it; an insatiable desire to see, hear, smell, and taste more. More diversity, more picturesqueity, more depth, more generosity... More "culture." I could pick up and go at the drop of a hat. Or better yet, don a Panama hat. The getting there is as much the arrival as the … Continue reading Travel