Short Hair

After I got out of the shower after my hair cut (two months ago) and felt my once-long locks chopped and thin from the water, I felt like a cog. One of those cyborg half-human ladies from a dystopian sci-fi movie.

Not that having short hair is bad, I just felt… bald.

The last time I had my hair this short was when I was seven. I’ve just always had medium to long hair.


Having short hair is incredible. Let me tell you why:

  1. I can take a shower IN THE MORNING. Heck, I can take a shower every DAY. It takes way less time to shampoo, condition, dry, style, etc. I always avoided showers because I didn’t want to have nasty wet-dried hair, or have to spend half an hour drying it.
  2. Healthy. Hair. Enough said. Bye, split half-of-my-hairs.
  3. It brings out my natural highlights. Okay, balayage from half a year ago. Same thing.
  4. Easy to style. Less time spent drying or curling or braiding. I can actually wear it down without it looking ratty. Because it’s healthier, it looks nicer.
  5. It’s light. I don’t like wearing my hair down because it feels heavy and it gets everywhere and I just always want to put it up. But when it’s up, the ponytail or bun pulls away from my head, and that feels heavy too. It’s refreshing to simply have less hair.
  6. Even though I cut off more than I planned on, and when I texted Whit he freaked and thought it might be shorter than his. It is not. And he likes it. So we’re good.

Well, now I’ve proven how weirdly sensitive I am about strange things pertaining to my hair. But I’m very happy I went the shortest I’ve ever been brave enough to go, and I *think* I’m going to keep it short for awhile. Because, well, see the above list.

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