seattle part ii

When I left off, we had spent two brief but packed days in Seattle with my uncle Darrell, spending time with him towards the end of his battle with cancer. The second part of our visit he wanted us to drive him out of the city, away from his home, to live with his godson … Continue reading seattle part ii

christmas in paris: part i

Warning: This is a long post. And I still had to split it up into two. Although, I don't think I should be warning you, you should be excited... not many blog posts are long these days. I miss looking at a whole big post of people's travels and adventures! Regardless, you were warned.  Not … Continue reading christmas in paris: part i

An Old House

My aunt posted this picture on Facebook the other day. It was my maternal grandfather's parents' home for more than 75 years. My grandfather was Thomas L. Brumfield, and his parents (who own the home) were James Harvey and Hattie Annie Jones Brumfield. About the house, my aunt said: "Loved this ole' house ... lots … Continue reading An Old House