Fun Things for Friday

Don’t expect this every week

3 Facts about me

  1. I can do the splits. I’ve always been flexible, but couldn’t do the splits ALL the way even after years of gymnastics. After a few weeks of practice with some yoga moves, I’ve got it! PS The downside to having flexible legs is that your legs are ALWAYS sore no matter what you do (or is that just me?).
  2. Never have I ever… worn black nail polish. And I don’t plan on doing it. It will always seem goth, not posh, to me.
  3. I’m really good at picking things up off the floor with my toes. I think it’s a girl thing, in general, but regardless… Whit likes to make fun of me for looking like a monkey sometimes!

5 Links for your free time

The causes of gun violence

Going to Phish shows

I haven’t even read these books but still thought the summaries were funny

A personality test for cats 

John Piper on the presidential candidates 

4 things about my life lately… or not so lately (as you read this you will realize how long ago I started the draft of this post… oops)

  1. We always name our Christmas tree after something memorable about that year. Ellie when we lived on Ellett Road, Jorge after the guy who gave us our tree, Frederick after Fraser Fir. This year we were pet-sitting my cousins’ dog named Smidge, so we named our tree Christmas Smidgley. It was hilarious to us because we have a friend named Chris Midgley.
  2. I didn’t have time to do ANYTHING besides work for the past week solid. I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to turn in one paper, then finish my presentation, then turn in the other paper, then turn in homework, then finish one final. Checking off those boxes! I feel like a new person, so much weight off my shoulders. And really, just time to think and sleep and be.
  3. My cohort is awesome. I have the best classmates… they are all quiet, dry, witty, and nice. I like that there’s not too many of us (only seven!) so we can all hang out at once. And of course by hang out I mean that has probably happened three times, ha. Example of the sarcasm:
    (Group text)
    Me: So how did everyone do on the final?
    Classmate 1: I’m wondering if I should start to clean out my desk tomorrow, that’s how well I did.
    Classmate 2: I think the general consensus is we did poorly
    Classmate 3: Take it easy, I’m going to clean my desk after our next exam
    Me: Praying for a curve
    Classmate 3: [Our professor] will be merciful
    Classmate 2: I like that confidence
    Me: Or we’ll all go down together
    See? It’s fun!
  4. Seeing my family at Thanksgiving was amazing! It wasn’t enough time; I wish I had gotten to spend more time with everyone, but it was a historic event. We had 60 people at our annual lunch! We aren’t all super talkative or touchy feeling or other magical things you might think, but we all love each other and love being around each other… even if we have our own little cliques. 🙂 The weirdest thing was there wasn’t any babies! Well, Jack is almost two, but he’s walking and everything so that doesn’t really count. There were new spouses though, and a baby on the way (not from the same people, just to clarify). …Always growing!SONY DSC

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