Questions: Friends

This is a series where I ask a question, and you (and I) have to answer it. Be ware, this one may be controversial. 😉


Were Ross and Rachel on a break?

My answer: NO!

I admit I watched “the” episode and the ensuing argument many times before I really understood who was arguing what. And when I finally understood, I had to side with Rachel.

They were having an argument, and all Rachel did was make a suggestion. Ross walked out without saying anything, so they couldn’t have decided together that they were breaking up.

I get so frustrated in TV shows when the characters don’t just TALK about what’s going on!! So many issues would be resolved quickly and without pain if one person just heard the other person out.

I think that in this episode, Ross shows rashness and immaturity. Okay, it was STUPID of Rachel to let Mark come over, of all people, but Ross chose once again to not trust his girlfriend. And then to sleep with someone else? That’s just low, even if they were on a break.

Sorry Ross, I am on Rachel’s side with this one. You were NOT on a break!

What do you think??

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