Impressionist Cliffs in Étretat, France

Wow, I just found this finished draft saved from almost 2 years ago - whoops! Never too late to share 🙂 If there's one thing I want to see when I travel, it's breathtaking beaches and stunning coastlines. I didn't know that despite being so far north, France could have beaches with turquoise seas. From … Continue reading Impressionist Cliffs in Étretat, France

Everything We Saw, Did, and Ate in Paris

If you missed my previous posts (start here), we just got back from a family vacation in Paris with our 10 month old. After living in Paris for two years, it had been way too long since we'd seen our favorite city! Even better than living there, we discovered, is exploring the city exactly according … Continue reading Everything We Saw, Did, and Ate in Paris

Stumbling Upon Narnia in Furenalp, Switzerland

When we planned a trip to Switzerland in May, we pictured valleys sprinkled with wildflowers, spotted cows grazing in fields of green, and stunning views from every direction atop mountain peaks. Instead, after winding down highway after highway hedged in by such beautiful spring views that practically made our eyes pop out of our heads, … Continue reading Stumbling Upon Narnia in Furenalp, Switzerland