Outfit Roll

In case you felt like looking at twenty pictures of me, you're in luck. This little trick has inspired me to try to be more put-together every day. If I look cute enough to take a picture, I feel pretty good about my outfit for the day. My biggest revelation? I have really noticed how … Continue reading Outfit Roll

Week 1

This week FLEW by. Like lightning. I can't really figure out why, other than two (out of three) of my classes changed, and I had a lot of dinners and exercise events in the evenings. I was hoping that the first week back would be slow and casual, that I would be able to easily … Continue reading Week 1

Summer Uniform

Short shorts and tees for days What is your go-to summer outfit? I love the simplicity, ease, (and warmth!) of dressing in the summer. I'm not saying these outfits (or photo quality) are great, but that doesn't mean I don't love them with all of my heart. ❤

Some Outfits

Just a few things I've worn here and there. Thought it might be fun to document a little bit! Please forgive the lighting and overall quality slash facial expressions.