Outfit Roll

In case you felt like looking at twenty pictures of me, you’re in luck. This little trick has inspired me to try to be more put-together every day. If I look cute enough to take a picture, I feel pretty good about my outfit for the day. My biggest revelation? I have really noticed how much lipstick brings my entire outfit together! It makes my look “finished” if you know what I mean. Kind of fun, but kind of a bummer because I like being super low-maintenance.

I meant to post some of these a while back, when it was still transitory weather. In Blacksburg, we’ve finallllly moved to true autumn weather. If you’re in a place further South, maybe some of these no-jacket combos will still work for you, or if it’s too cold you can always throw a layer on top!

Let’s go!

Black shirt + flannel is something I would have never done in college. Not preppy enough. But this J.Crew flannel is structured and clean, so it works. Throwing in the hispter glasses helps too.


This jean jacket + maxi skirt combo was PERFECT for 70-degree weather. Could still work in cooler temperatures if you made a few adjustments (boots, long-sleeve shirt, scarf).


Let’s be honest, I’m in grad school, I wear t-shirts a lot. Fortunately I’ve learned that wearing cute tennis shoes makes it look like you kinda tried.img_5970

I love this darker lipstick with this color green. But really this picture was for showing off my new CRYSTAL. Hashtag that lot life.   img_6055

It’s too cool now for me to wear this linen tee, but MAN does my hair look good here, so this outfit makes the blog.


Oooh, totally forgot about wearing this mustard sweater with the gray jeans! Another tip: a headband ALWAYS makes 2-day old hair okay. (Except when the hair falls apart on the side of my head – what IS that??)


Good light day.


Going barefoot is a great option if you live at the beach. In November, a pair of boots wouldn’t hurt.


Lots of layers + a pretty mural.img_6172

Cardigan + Pixie Pants (stretchy khaki for those of you not versed in Old-Navy-speak) – could qualify for an actual work outfit.img_6313

Chambray goes with everything. So does life-sized leaf.


Gray patterns with gray patterns, what’s not to love?


The headed-to-a-concert look. Little does Whit know I’m about to adorn him with leather necklaces and hippie rings.img_6473

This isn’t the best photo (no!) but I’m liking the double black and double green, plus plaid! Pumpkin patch outfit.


Finally, a really, super, totally fall outfit. Vest + boots + scarf! Hooray!


What have you been wearing this fall??

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