Pre-Christmas Music

Maybe this is a little late for some of you, but hopefully it will still be applicable!

Like many Americans, I LOVE listening to Christmas music. Especially the jazzy stuff. As soon as it starts to get cold outside, I am tempted to start with the Christmas music. However, I’ve found that if I start too early, I get sick of hearing THE SAME SONGS over and over again by the time the week before Christmas rolls around – which is right when listening to Christmas music should be the most enjoyed!

Fortunately I have a remedy. It goes by the name of: Listening to Jazz when you want to be listening to Christmas music.

It’s a simple solution, but the key to using it is having a good playlist! So, if you are trying to keep yourself from turning on the full-blast holiday songs, here is a playlist that should help tide you over.

Tip: Download the full albums so you have much more music to listen to! The individual song titles are just suggestions for my favorite artists and albums. I have had the full playlist constantly playing since mid-October, and it’s so good.

Check out the playlist below – don’t forget to turn it on while you’re working, baking, or driving next week!


{If the playlist doesn’t show up above, click here to access it! Hint: You might have to log into Spotify first, then come back and click on the link to get it to work.}

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