Favorite Finds Lately

Here are some of the best new items I’ve purchased…


So, Anthropologie decided to be a winner and give 20% off their entire store for Mother’s Day weekend. I stocked up on Rifle Paper Company cards and a few goodies that I’d been wanting for around the house.


Rifle Paper Co greeting cards, cat knobs, coconut milk mango hand lotion, oven mitt

I was planning to return this potholder because I didn’t really need it, but my mom convinced me to keep it because it’s so me. I always loved her. 🙂




Ikea sells super cute planter pots for like nothing. The large teal bucket was $4, the small ones were $1.50 each. I’m returning the tray (and the small buckets – boo), but I love the raspberries!!


My dad bought me this painting when we were in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


And I bought me these door photos.


I love J.Crew, especially when it’s on sale. This teal striped French top, and these white slip-ons are SO spring.


I only buy from the Gap if it’s on clearance. Fortuitously, I found two great finds last week. 1 – this soft, well-made, quality denim dress. It has pockets! It feels to me like “New York City mom” – cough cough, Joanna Goddard. Do you think it suits me? I’m keeping it anyway.


2 – this similarly amazing denim top. Hellooo cool Colorado nights.


And last but not least, this super comfy, stylish tropical sweatshirt. I will wear this at least once a week, from now until it disintegrates.



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