Friday Things

I like these things…

I had a good week, did you?

I got a 3-day pass to LA Fitness with my friend Jenny, and taught her how to do freestyle and backstroke. It was so rewarding to see her catch on so fast to the strokes I taught her! 🙂

We did yoga a couple nights later – my first class!! I was pumped to have an instructor and other classmates instead of just doing it in my “home studio” aka in front of the TV, my arms running into the couch during twists. I didn’t love the instructor, and I was hoping she would give corrections. I noticed that out of the forty or so people in the room, I was maybe the only person doing the poses correctly. Interesting.

I went for a swim afterwards which was painfully exhausting, but it felt good to fulfill the intention I had set for myself – to go, instead of skip, after the yoga class. All I could think about was eating gelato as soon as I got home which I did… and half a bag of doritos… and the rest of my chicken and broccoli dinner. I slept the best I’ve slept in years afterwards, though, which makes me think I should exercise HARD more often!! (I woke up on my own at 7:30am. Unheard of.)

There’s been construction outside our apartment all week. It’s starting to get to the point where I don’t even notice the earth-shaking and loud-as-bombs distractions anymore. My only complaints are that the piles of dirt and asphalt are ruining my otherwise green and springy view, and I can’t sit outside on my patio to relax. Not really a big deal.

A few days ago, the humidity arrived full force. It has since gone and left us with chilly sunny days in the sixties, but for awhile there I was in heaven!

Our family friends took us to Bahama Breeze for dinner in Delaware. It’s a chain but I had never heard of it. Too bad because it would be the new On the Border for me if we had one near us. I devoured some Jamaican jerk chicken, plantains, rice, and they even subbed out the black beans that I can’t eat for actual good fresh fruit – grapes, pineapples, and mango sorbet – not melons, yech.

Okay, now you can have your pics and links.

 How to fill a shoebox for kids at Christmastime.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??! I’m dying!! PLEASE do not let me forget to watch this when it comes out. I love.

For only $5, you can donate a reusable menstrual kit to women in Uganada.

Lots o’ whales.

Remember these? I loved to use them at my aunt’s house.


Made this meme for Whit.



I believe this 😛



Golf cat. Minus the r? I don’t know…

golf catMust learn how to make these.11058792_824598824288962_7008938830194926940_n

Little Jack Johnson. His mom looks so chill. And his dad. And him. Let’s move to Hawaii.


2 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. Emily S says:

    I love yoga! I know I’m probably not doing a lot of it completely right, but I love trying and learning. I watch a lot of “Yoga with Adriene” videos on YouTube, thrown up on the TV through the XBox, right in my living room floor. You should check her out!

    Have a good weekend! 🙂


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