Week 1

This week FLEW by. Like lightning. I can’t really figure out why, other than two (out of three) of my classes changed, and I had a lot of dinners and exercise events in the evenings.

I was hoping that the first week back would be slow and casual, that I would be able to easily keep up with all my homework and reading, plus get some lingering things done from this summer.

While I did homework when I could, and got a few extra things accomplished, I still fell behind on my reading – boo! Even though I didn’t have a PERFECT start, I am giving myself grace.

I made an effort the first two days to take it easy and not be intense about scheduling and to-dos. That helped me ease back into the semester.

I stopped working at night around 8-ish and watched TV, which helped me unwind for the night.

I went to two group exercise classes. I have only ever been to ONE! At a gym, that is. I did sports-like things in grade school (never group sports though… gymnastics, dance, swimming). Guess what? I LOVED it!!

I took Barre and Ballet. I want to commit to doing both. I also want to swim some, especially while it’s still warm. The reason I’ve never done it before is because why pay to exercise when you can do it for free (yoga videos, running, using the gym that’s already paid for)?

Now I get it – having an instructor makes the class go by so much faster, with a smiling face encouraging you to keep going. You’re there, so you have to make it through the whole time, which helps me to work out longer than I would otherwise. And since your wallet will have consequences, there’s motivation to stick with it.

I had meals with Whit and friends several nights.

I got ready in the mornings and actually tried to look presentable.

These are my wins from the first week back! How did this past week go for you?

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