Grad School Outfits


first day on campus!

One of my goals in starting grad school was to dress nicely. I began caring about my hair and outfit choices when I started working in the Cru office, and wanted to continue to look presentable in my master’s program.

I thought it was necessary, as an “I’m a professional” and “this is a business move” type of decision, but it turns out plenty of my classmates still wear leggings and a t-shirt to class some days. I love having the freedom to not worry about my makeup when I need to head out the door quickly, or being able to cozy up in a sweatshirt on a test day, but I have been trying to care about my appearance most days.

I thought it would be fun to document my outfits since I now have a FULL-LENGTH mirror in this house, something I always thought would be nice to have in my old place but was too lazy to go out and buy. So anyways, not that I’m an inspiring fashionista or anything, but it’s always fun to see other people’s style choices, right?


donning a marigold necklace at the farmer’s market on my birthday (after a day at the river)


at the art museum in Philly before classes started


i tried on this dress at the j.crew warehouse sale. i WISH it fit but it was a little too big (I had on clothes underneath and it was still a bit baggy)


kind of boho, kind of preppy


first day with my bike! i honestly have ridden it about 5 times due to it being in the shop, rain forever, being sick, and now just being lazy


i did buy this dress at the warehouse sale – $15! had been $200. dressing up for church


some days you’re bored in the basement office


pumpkin patch outfit!


in action. whit took so many strange pictures of me standing there. we are weird.


casual travel outfit


and dressed up for the wedding. truth be told: i could not zip up that dress all the way nor could i breathe in it. next time i will try on the dress before the day of the wedding. #whoops


don’t you wish whit wanted to buy this outfit? well, he didn’t. boo. (also – me in the background with my cozy pj outfit i wish i’d bought)



everyone asked me why i was so dressed up. “i don’t know, i thought this was casual??”


plenty of sitting-on-the-couch outfits too XD



love this dress ❤


rainy dayssss



fall layers




leggings + leopard


trying on outfits at old navy. i did buy this one! haven’t worn it all together yet… maybe today?







and maybe my favorite so far. probably because of my hair. yep, it’s the hair.


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