Cabin Weekend: Champagne & Hot Tubs

One thing I kind of stopped doing is blogging tons of photos and details about every little adventure that I have. I didn’t stop because I don’t like sharing, but because I felt like it didn’t really happen unless I shared it. Am I oversharing with this blog post? I don’t know, but I want to remember this weekend, so I’m going to post this anyway!


Ever since we first got married, I dreamt of holing up in a cozy log cabin for a romantic weekend, just the two of us. The mountain town of Asheville is only a few hours from where we live, and it seemed like the perfect escape.

Six years later and our second time living in Blacksburg, and we finally made it happen!

The drive down treated us to a magical sunset and mythical glowing moon.

Downtown Asheville was on our way, so we stopped at my all-time favorite restaurant: Mellow Mushroom (this particular location is my favorite!). Good vibes and good pizza. And lots of inspiration for glowing colors for our future home.

We arrived to a full, still glowing moon, lighting the cabin. I immediately opened the back door of the car and dropped the box that the Dominion game was in – and the cards blew everywhere! I blamed Whit for putting it in the car poorly, and he blamed me for taking it out poorly. We had to laugh it off!

Creekside Cabin was just as pictured online! It was much bigger than I was expecting, and felt so new. We determined it’s about the size of our current house, but a much better use of space. It felt so luxurious to have those tall ceilings!

A natural wood railing led up to our king-sized bed in the loft overlooking the great room. In the mornings the sun shone brightly through all the windows!

To the side off the stairway was a nook with a sitting area/extra sleeping. I wanted to lounge here but we didn’t have enough time.

We were extremely secluded in the mountains of Hot Springs, North Carolina. Our cabin didn’t even have cell service! It was nice to not be connected for a couple of days, though it was admittedly hard to adjust the first night.

The property’s second cabin was just down the gravel driveway, but far enough away to still be private.

The grounds around our cabin weren’t huge, but held tons of nature-y surprises to explore, including a small patio/gazebo and a wooden swing with a fire pit. I loved all the “little Christmas trees”!

Our favorite part of the cabin, to no one’s surprise, was the four-person hot tub on the back porch. We were so nervous it would be broken (aren’t they always broken??), but it was turned on and hot as soon as we arrived.

The first night we jumped in as soon as we unloaded, a glass of champagne enjoyed to celebrate our ten year dating anniversary. It felt so private and fancy that we joked as if we were a couple on the Bachelor!

We hot-tubbed a few more relaxing times over the course of the weekend. The best was sliding in right after a bacon-and-pancake breakfast with no agenda, a light breeze, and sunshine on our faces. It felt so good to be outdoors and breathe in fresh air.

The rest of the time we took it easy – had a fire, ate a steak dinner with wine, snacked on expensive cheeses, watched movies, and played games.

It was so fun that we didn’t take any pictures of the two of us together!

I want to go back already. It’s amazing how much a short getaway can rev up your marriage! We had so much fun just focusing on each other.

We had to check out at 11am Sunday, and it was a beautiful, almost warm day. We headed back through Asheville and shopped a little before grabbing a late lunch. Lots of women were wearing skirts and guys were wearing sandals, and the breeze made it feel like spring.

I had wanted to have a cozy weekend snowed-in in the mountains, but it felt refreshing to be on vacation in warm weather again!

I wouldn’t hesitate to go on a trip like this again!







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