An Old House

My aunt posted this picture on Facebook the other day.

Tom Brumfields house

It was my maternal grandfather’s parents’ home for more than 75 years. My grandfather was Thomas L. Brumfield, and his parents (who own the home) were James Harvey and Hattie Annie Jones Brumfield.

About the house, my aunt said:

“Loved this ole’ house … lots and lots of precious memories as long as one of them lived there on their 13 acres! Painted from a picture by my neighbor, Lee Tipton, for my Dad on Father’s Day…June, 1977!”

Then my mom commented:

“I loved the big front porch swings and the lilac bushes! Not so much the inside…we weren’t allowed much to snoop around…always smelled like Pinto Beans and coffee… Thanks for posting!!”

I thought it was cool piece of history – found on Facebook, nonetheless!

One thought on “An Old House

  1. Emily S says:

    I just love this. There’s nothing like hearing the memories of places you hold dear from those who were there to experience it long ago! This reminds me of home, hearing my mom tell stories like that.


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