seattle part ii

When I left off, we had spent two brief but packed days in Seattle with my uncle Darrell, spending time with him towards the end of his battle with cancer.

The second part of our visit he wanted us to drive him out of the city, away from his home, to live with his godson and his family instead of being cooped up in a hospital bed.

Before he said goodbye to the city, ever-adventurous Darrell wanted to try one last restaurant that he had had on his list.

Geraldine’s Counter was everything you could hope for in a breakfast spot. In fact, our meal was one of the best any of the three of us had EVER had!!

The eggs were cooked to perfection.

The bacon was crispy yet MELT IN YOUR MOUTH! I don’t even know how that combination is possible.

The strawberry lemonade was tart and sweet and the gourmet tea hit the spot.

The coffee cake was light and fluffy. 

The French toast was done exactly right and the gluten-free toast was amazing too.

And the jam – oh, the freshly prepared, in-season raspberry JAM! It was like heaven in your mouth!

I loved the jam so much that I asked the waiter to package some up for me because I HAD TO HAVE MORE!! I would fly to Seattle right now for some more of that jam.

Darrell kept ordering more and more food for us because we just had to taste more! Ha!


Stuffed to the gills, we scooted out of the restaurant and hit the highway. We headed inland on our way to Ellensburg, a small town just east of the mountains.

As we drove out of the city, we passed stunning landscapes of Mount Rainier, flowing water, and evergreens. It was gorgeous!! The air was SO fresh and clear, it felt like we were truly in nature.


Darrell’s godson and his family met us for a late lunch in Roslyn, a tiny town of less than 900 people whose buildings suggest it was last popular during the saloon age.


Small, but packed with charm, we had several restaurants to choose from, and ended up picking a fantastic Mexican joint.

As if we were never going to eat again, we took advantage of the ice cream served at the General Store next door. I had FRESH BOYSENBERRY ice cream. I don’t think I’ll ever taste anything again that compares! We wandered over to a playground for the little boys to run around before hopping in the car again.



To take advantage of the beautiful day, we spent some time at a gorgeous nearby lake with clear mountains, cold water, and a fresh breeze.




Finally we finished the rest of the drive, noticing the sudden drastic change from mountains and evergreens to jutting cliffs and then flat farmland.


We spent a little more time together and then exchanged big hugs, feeling confident that being out in open air with loved ones and energetic children would be uplifting for Darrell.

Early this year, about seven months after our trip, Darrell passed away. We are so thankful for the time we spent together with him in his home of Seattle, seeing him vibrant and full of life as he showed us a few of his favorite things.





2 thoughts on “seattle part ii

  1. Emily of Em Busy Living says:

    I just sent my friend in Seattle a message and told him that whenever I visit we better go to Geraldine’s!


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