Friday Things

I like these things…

Have you seen Interstellar? It’s one of the most well-written, best acted, and cinematically impressive movies I’ve seen in a couple of years. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days! It was almost – but not quite – as completely mind-shattering as 2001. I still haven’t seen Gravity (I’m scared it will be too intense!) but I want to now.

I found this tidbit on the imdb site… My biggest qualm with movies lately (since mid-2000’s) is how plot and character development tends to be sacrificed in favor of expensive graphics and ridiculous scenarios. I love this quote, agree that it’s an amazing film for being “family-oriented,” and wish more movies were as well-rounded.

“In a Q&A interview at CinemaCon in Las Vegas on March 26, 2014, Christopher Nolan stated that Interstellar (2014) is “very different” from his past work and he was inspired by the movies he saw growing up during what he termed “the golden age of the blockbuster” – essentially, four quadrant films that didn’t need a “family” label to appeal to all audiences. Nolan noted it’s “really about going back to those sort of films.”

Come on, Disney.

This is true.

I like to explore art museums like this… In fact it astounds me how quickly some people breeze through museums from one famous painting or historic statue to the next. It’s like, are you even appreciating how rich this is??

I found this site, and these are hilarious. So are these (can you relate? I can!).

Amazing! A pianist transcribed the emphatic parts of all four instruments in Phish’s improvisational jam of a 30-minute long song. It took her months to do it… isn’t it beautiful?

4 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. Emily S says:

    Interstellar was so incredible! My only regret is not seeing it in IMAX, because seriously…can you imaging seeing that in IMAX!? We watched Gravity on HBO the other day and it doesn’t compare. Anxiety-inducing for sure, and maybe worth a Redbox rental, but after Interstellar it’s nothing.


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