Hair Stuff

You know what I think is crazy?

The way people talk about middle parts as if they were never a thing. HELLO! They were a thing like, five years ago! Don’t you have any recollection of that??

And most importantly, do you not remember the nineties? All I could think about (in terms of hair) when I was a ten year old girl was HOW SOON CAN I HAVE HAIR WITH A MIDDLE PART THAT I CAN RUN MY FINGERS THROUGH!

Know what I mean?








Topanga, you goddess of hair, you




one more for good measure…


Sweet Valley High, anyone?


Clueless – sorry for your face here Cher



Cher again


Need I show more?

Wait, yes, one more…



So, as soon as I could accomplish straight blonde hair with body and a middle part, I was all about running my fingers through the top of it like I was the coolest girl in school. I wasn’t, but I sure felt like it whenever I did that.

I like the look on me, so I’ve never felt a lot of pressure to stray from “the middle.” One time my hairdresser told me I was bold for doing that. My face scrunched into a pretty good “huh??” look, and I’ve been baffled ever since. After that I did realize I was about the only girl left in the universe who doesn’t keep her hair off to one side or the other like there’s some strange gravity keeping it from the center. I don’t know about you, but that’s just where my part ends up.

Well… at least I’ve been doing something right (see #2).

When I get out of the shower (after not brushing my hair, as low-maintenance girls like myself do), I comb it and let my hair fall whichever way it pleases. It tends to be in the middle, but sometimes goes to one side or the other. It’s no big deal, whichever way it ends up. Apparently the natural part-line is cool.


The question is… am I pulling it off?? (Feel free to take that question rhetorically… or not)

Photo Apr 28, 5 05 16 PM

Don’t forget – boys had it too!

guys hair

And let’s not forget the greatest of them all….4csognuu29wx2xm7dz64



PS – Great memories 🙂

4 thoughts on “Hair Stuff

  1. V says:

    Ahaha, I asked my hairdresser to part my hair in the middle after I got it cut the last time and she had the same reaction. This is going to sound completely random, but I feel like middle parts work better on me when I have makeup on.


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