2013 Shay CochraneConfession: I once stole a magazine that I liked from a doctor’s office, because I wanted to finish reading it. (That’s allowed, right??)

Confession: I never ate a salad for a meal until the year 2012. Probably why I have gluten intolerance.

Confession: My favorite genre of movie is sci-fi thriller, or action/adventure, but I can’t watch either anymore because they make me anxious and start to think weird things.

Confession: I don’t put most of my clothes in the dryer because I’m afraid that they’ll shrink. I think they would be perfectly fine, but I still take the time to hang them all up. In college, I strung all my undies and clothes on my loft and around our dorm room. So awkward.

Confession: I don’t really know what the term granny panties is. I’m pretty sure I don’t wear them, but I also don’t wear thongs or “sexy” underwear most of the time. Victoria’s Secret bikinis are where it’s at. TMI?

Confession: Sometimes I whisper to my cat that she is my best friend. I quickly add, “best cat friend” in case any humans are listening.

Confession: I used to think about texting my dog things, and then I would remember that she’s a dog and dogs can’t get texts. Sometimes I just really wanted her to know about something.

Confession: I can’t stand little furry dogs. I used to think they’re okay, especially because they’re so cute when they’re tiny puppies, but then I realized that they all get old and ugly and get black stuff around their eyes and mouth, and they’re just generally not that exciting.

Confession: I watched the entire series of Friends when I lived in Venezuela. I had never watched an episode before my STINT year. Since then (2010) I’ve watched the entire series at least three more times all the way through. 😀

Confession: I don’t think there’s a single thing wrong with wanting to eat pizza every meal for the rest of your life.

Okay, bye!

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