Are you guys into thrillers – books or movies?

I used to enjoy a good thriller movie (the Village, Disturbia, Final Destination), but now I can hardly watch them because they mess with my mind and anxiety too much (I get panic attacks!).

Actually, now that I’m looking at it, a lot of my favorite movies are considered thrillers – the Bourne series, Minority Report, Inception. I think they are considered to be psychological thrillers. So I guess I have always liked those, but I consider them to be more action or adventure type of movies.

What I have never really been into before is drama thrillers… until now.

This summer I read The Girl on the Train – it was so gripping! I was surprised at how hooked I was. In fact, I ended up reading the book because I was so fascinated by the movie trailer that I started reading the plot summary online – I was so interested that I just had to buy the book as soon as possible! I watched the trailer on a plane and as soon as we landed I purchased a copy.

It was scary – especially to read all alone in a foreign country(!) – but I enjoyed the story and the change of pace from my usual reads (classics and non-fiction).

Then, a few weeks ago I got wrapped up in Big Little Lies. Whit commented that it didn’t seem like the kind of show I normally like, but by the fourth episode he was entranced by it too!

The thing I find the most fascinating about these stories is the way that the author or director can create characters that seem so… normal! If I was creating a psychotic person or a murderer, I would make them thoroughly evil in every way. But the characters in The Girl on the Train and Big Little Lies seem like any other person you would meet on the street. They aren’t all bad – they care about their husbands and children and do normal things like go to work and take their kids to school – even though they’re basically all murder suspects!!

Even though I worry about getting wrapped up in something that might cause fear, I find myself feeling empowered reading or watching “scary” things. It’s like if I can get through this and not totally freak out, I feel stronger and like I have more control over my anxiety. Do you feel the same way?

Next up I would like to watch The Girl on the Train movie (I’m trying to get my nerve up to watch it!) and read Gone Girl.

Do you like Thrillers? What kinds of books and movies have you been into lately?

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