Things That Annoy Me

  • The phrase “pet peeves”
  • People who drive less than 5 over the speed limit
  • The idea that fall is the best season (the best season is clearly summer)
  • The ubiquity of the use of baby terminology, such as “fussy,” “put/go down (to sleep),” “starting a family,” “blowout,” “milk coma”
  • Chips in disgusting flavors, such as chicken & waffles, sriracha, or salt and vinegar
  • Allergies to cats, especially ones that prevent people from being in a home where a cat lives
  • The word “nugget” used in any context other than referring to small pieces of chicken covered in breading
  • People who say that climate change isn’t real
  • Cords and plugs that are easily pulled out of the outlet
  • Continuing to have to sit at the table after the meal is over (at least can we get up to put the dishes away?)
  • Arriving somewhere before it starts and not having anything to do
  • Someone telling me to do something that I am already planning on doing

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