Things That Annoy Me

The phrase "pet peeves" People who drive less than 5 over the speed limit The idea that fall is the best season (the best season is clearly summer) The ubiquity of the use of baby terminology, such as "fussy," "put/go down (to sleep)," "starting a family," "blowout," "milk coma" Chips in disgusting flavors, such as … Continue reading Things That Annoy Me

Cities I’ve Been To

Because I like lists... They only count if I've been to the downtown area, and was at least there long enough to eat a meal. Asheville, NC Alexandria, VA Ashland, VA Atlanta, GA Baltimore, MD Brisbane, AUS Burlington, VT Charlottesville, VA Chicago, IL Christiansburg, VA Dallas, TX Denver, CO Downingtown, PA Ellicott City, MD Fernandina … Continue reading Cities I’ve Been To