My Resolutions

It’s not too late to post these, I promise. I start the New Year off each year by closing up and coming home from the busiest part of my work year. Let’s just say I need a few days off. Then, right when my flex days are up, I’m on a plane to Denver for another conference. Phew! So, I feel like my “new year” ramps up a bit before it actually takes off. That said, here are my resolutions for 2015 (can it really be 2015?? I feel like I live in the future or something)

*Pare down my life again. I did way too much this fall, and it was starting to make me anxious. What I do not need to happen again in my life is anxiety. So, here’s to making 2015 stress-free!

*Get into grad school – eeep!! I applied! So now it’s a waiting game. I’ll make more resolutions if and when I get in 🙂

*Step up my workout routine. I got a new yoga video with two 40 minute classes – one for the morning, and one for the evening. I’m thankful to have a big chunk of yoga-ness altogether instead of having to group smaller workouts together. I looove the evening one, and I finally made it all the way through the morning one after 3-4 tries. It’s tough! I also tried a Jillian Michaels video with my friend Aicel and it was INTENSE. A super great strength and cardio up-the-ante for between yoga sessions. I’m excited right now, hopefully steam won’t blow off of that too quickly.

*Avoid foods that I’m intolerant to. I did the ALCAT test which shows you which of 200 foods your body can’t tolerate. I plan to avoid all of the severe, moderate, and mild foods for 3 months, starting right after I finish my caramel/nut popcorn that I just got back (after having lost it in the travel hurricane of December).

*Along with that, cook more healthy meals. I am normally good at this, but we were trying to save our grocery budget in November and December and ended up eating a lot of hot dogs and grilled cheeses. I want to try a bunch of new soups! That category of food should be fine for my new food regimen. I also want to avoid sugary desserts and gluten-free breads more than I did in 2014. They really make me gain weight, which is okay a little bit, but I’ve been overdoing it.

*Read the Bible, and do a daily quiet time. I’m already losing at this. But there is grace every day right? And 2015 really starts like tomorrow, right? I think our church is doing some kind of challenge that should help me with this. I wasn’t there this week, but I saw a lot of interesting posts on Facebook about it. We’ll see.

*Give up shopping in February. I committed to donating my spending money for February to Cru at RADIATE. Check out my Facebook post (or maybe I’ll post it on here soon enough) for why I’m sharing about this personal goal (hint: God is awesome!!).

*Avoid Facebook. I took the app off my phone, and I would like to not look at it on my computer either. I have a bunch of crap to sell on FB yard sales right now though, so hopefully I can be done with it after that. I also use it for work some, which makes it hard but it’s still doable.

*Sell all the stuff that I’m trying to get rid of/sell for other people. I KNOW I’ve purged a lot of things, but it’s all stockpiled in our office right now so it doesn’t seem that way.

*Keep blogging. Let’s just keep this a small goal. See number one.

*Limit number of blogs I read, and amount of stuff I own. See number one.

*Read (at least some of) these books: Fluent Forever, French Women Don’t Get Fat, Explicit Gospel, Meaning of Marriage, Perelandra, Messenger, Son, When Helping Hurts, My Life in France, Biblical Foundations for Manhood & Womanhood, Enders Game, I’m a Tool

*Keep working on French. No specific qualifications for this, just keep it in mind.

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