Friday Things

I like these things. This post is extra good because this Friday is extra good. Have a good day!


This quote from here resonated with me:
“When’s a time in your life when you felt really beautiful?
‘I think when Peter and I first started dating, I was confident overall but still insecure in some areas. Falling in love with him, and having him just see past everything, made me feel so beautiful. He still acts as if I am some amazing human, even when I feel at my worst.'”
I agree 100%, about being with Whit! He makes me feel so beautiful!



Not sure if this is a hug or a capture:

18.-You-Are-So-Into-HugsLove, love, love this.

gemma-correll-hug-catRemember these?:

ohdeardrea pot holder loomThe cutest friends:

2985add9f659410227f3b6174a0ebe42And one of one of my favorites:


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