Friday Things – Crazy Animal Lover Edition

I like these things

What kind of crazy-animal person are you? Cat, dog, other?

There is much to be said about crazy cat ladies. But can you really argue with this?


tell me you wouldn’t give anything to be between all of that fluff

And cats are funny.


You may or may not agree with this.


Then there’s dogs. But not just any dogs, let’s go with the best dogs – Shiba Inus. I mean, look at ’em.


They’re just the best.


(I did take this photo, if there’s anyone who cares about that kind of thing)

The best.enhanced-buzz-28884-1369161034-0

But you might be another kind of crazy. Crazy fox lady, anyone?


crazy fox lady

This picture gets me every time.


so true, right?

In summary, I am a crazy Tela lover, and a crazy Shiba lover. The end.

See: here and here for more evidence. Thanks and good night.


Pictures found on the internet, as usual. Pinterest mostly, of course.

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