Favorite Sayings


Bad news bears

The ol’ switcheroo

Are you ready, Freddy? (Particularly when the response is, “Let’s hit the road, Toad”)

Done and done.


Sheez louise (-my dad)

Am I right? Am I right?

There, there. There, there, there, there.

One millimeter (to exaggerate)

I hear me (when no one else “hears ya”)

OD! (Over Doin’ it)

Go for your life

I’ll give it a whirl ! (McCauley Culkin in Home Alone)

Scout, scout, scout it out (in Dominion)


Melon (when referring to a head)

Cactus, cactusss! (-Trey)

Terrrrible (with French accent)

Love love (to/from my mom)

Boo boo boop (-Tela)

Double [rainbow] all the way, across the [sky]… what could it mean?!

Is it a cookie?? (-Cookie Monster)

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