Thoughts on Snapchat

Okay, let’s talk about something that I thought I would NEVER get on board with: Snapchat.

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First, my grievances with the increasingly popular app:

  • The annoying, horribly unflattering selfies
  • The unfiltered, underexposed not-beautiful images
  • How in the world do you navigate it?
  • Why is it different than any other social media form?

So why did I decide to try it??

Hearing about it more from the lovely lady bloggers I follow as opposed to the teens and college students posting ridiculous(ly ugly) “snap”-shots. (Not that I don’t love teens and college students! Just not a fan of the scrunchy face double-chin look – on anyone.) If Kate from the Small Things Blog wants to be on Snapchat, it can’t be that bad, right?

And now, pros that I can see Snapchat has going for it:

  • Post in real time, then pics evaporate – share snapshots of the little things going on in your daily routine
  • ^^Keep up with people on a more realistic basis, as opposed to the ever-filtered perfection that most people try to exhibit on Insta
  • Chat with friends. Because SC is time-sensitive, people are more apt to write something quick in response to your post, and know that it will go away quickly. This makes a “comment” less permanent and thus it’s less intimidating to write someone a quick note.
  • ^^More real type of conversations – you don’t have to wrap up everything you want to say in one measly comment. You can send a quick smiley, then ask how their day is going.
  • Videos. Hear people’s voices, see them moving, hear them talk. It’s so much more personal than any other form of social media! It’s not supposed to be an awesome video, it’s just hey, here’s what’s going on right now, as if you were sharing with the friend standing next to you.

Neutral: I’m not sure that I like that you can’t see which pictures/videos other people like. There’s less pressure to have “great content” but I also feel a little more alone when looking at things – Am I the only one who saw this? What did other people think? But maybe that doesn’t necessarily matter.


  • Stuff goes away after 24 hours. What if I post something really awesome? Well, I can screen-shot it to save for later, so that’s nice. But you miss everything that happened yesterday if you don’t check it. That’s kind of nice because you don’t feel the need to scroll infinitely to catch up, but I like doing that, so…
  • Individual snaps. I still don’t really get it – why send to a few friends instead of just posting to your story? You can only view them for like 3-8 seconds – what if I open in class and can’t put the volume up? Then it’s completely gone and I missed what you sent me. :/
  • REALLY difficult to figure out. I still don’t know how to do a face-swap, or speed up video, and things like that.
  • No way to add people unless they’re already in your contacts or you know their exact username! Boo.
  • Chat is kinda confusing – do you post on their picture or just send them a message? Is there a difference? Where do our old convos go? Which picture did you comment on?
  • It’s one more thing to have to keep track of, when I’m already trying to be on social media less and spend more time in the real world.

Overall, I’m liking it, particularly as a means to feel a little more connected to people. One downside (?) to social media forms is that you obviously connect most with the people who use that s.m. venue. I Facebook the most with my mom because she’s always on it, I see Instagrams from people who use it most, etc. I do like that a lot of my younger friends are on Snapchat so I can keep up with them that way. My two favorite things about it are chatting like a text, but it feels less formal so I’m more likely to use it because I’ve been prompted and I know it will go away in about a day. I also like watching vids of my fave bloggers because, hey, that’s why I got SC in the first place.

Evaluation complete. What do you think of Snapchat??

Want to follow me? Sorry you can’t!! <<– Real life. Except now you can because my username is sydnijax. See ya!

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Snapchat

  1. sherri says:

    you know I loved the post. My list of downsides is even longer as I am still struggling to remember the things you taught me! It took me forever to figure out how to unfollow someone. Also I love that you wrote if Kate can be on Snapchat it can’t be that bad…. <— about 89% of the reason I got on snapchat.


    • sydnijackson says:

      Oh no! Haha. Go to your friends list (middle screen, click up on the ghost and select “friends”), click the name of the person you want to unfollow then the settings icon on bottom right, and you can remove them. I should do a snapchat tutorial next XD


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