March Things


Goal-y things…

  • Finish another 30-day fitness program. I’m feeling good about this one so far because it’s a little more flexible. Last month I did Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred and it was KILLER. This time I am doing whatever workout videos I feel like doing that day – great for a person who loves spontaneity like I do! I’ve gotten really into Cassey’s videos from Blogilates. My fave is the Fat Burning Cardio. It’s intense, and you’re supposed to do it 4 times through, but you can rest in between. I have started with doing it 2 or 3 times through, but I’d like to move up to four! The great news is, I went back to the Level 3 JM video and did it WELL. Something is going right!!
  • The reason I switched to mostly doing cardio vids is because I lost 5 pounds on the 30 Day Fit and I want to lose five more! I was getting really agitated because I wasn’t seeing much weight loss. I figured out it’s (1, because I’m just starting a routine, but 2) because I was doing the stupid JM videos that were making my whole body toned. I don’t care about muscles, I just want to lose weight around my middle! I can work on getting toned after I lose a few more pounds. My goal is to get down to 133, if you want to know. Hold me accountable, internet! (PS, after this month of cardio, I either want to do another month of cardio, or try to tone my muscles… or do something else like running/swimming/or a dance class).
  • Obviously my plan is to keep eating healthy, too. I’m sticking to a minimal amount of dairy, as I usually try to do, but this time I will let myself have the occasional pizza or enchiladas (not that I entirely cut them out last time – whoops!). I need to do better with sugar, though. And I am still trying to do approximately one protein smoothie every day or two for meal replacement.
  • Communicate better with the professor I work for, and be on time to meetings (even if I have a legitimate reason to be a few minutes late – either communicate way ahead of time or just do what I need to do after our meeting). He is super picky about that kind of thing which I absolutely DESPISE but gotta do what you gotta do to get that good recommendation from him one day, amiright? It’s just one day a week, so whatevs.
  • Do my French homework BEFORE the morning it’s due! Whoopsies. I should implement this tonight, haha.
  • Hopefully announce on the blog some exciting news! (I found out what my research will be on!!)
  • Read the chapters I need to read for class when they are assigned! That way I’m not stuck doing them at the last minute before the test like I usually do.
  • Go above and beyond and fix my proposal for my econometrics project over spring break.
  • Keep attending small group on Monday nights, and church on Sunday mornings.
  • Read the Bible at night before I go to bed! It’s so easy and quick! Why do I not do it??
  • Keep my heart’s attitude directed towards the Lord. (The above should help!)
  • Over spring break, have a blast reconnecting with my college roommates. We haven’t all gotten together since my wedding over FIVE years ago!! Isn’t that sad?! I am SO pumped for our reunion!! Plus, it’s at the beach!
  • Plan something for Whit’s birthday. I have an idea, need to start working on it! 🙂

Yay for March! What are your goals this month??

Image by Shay Cochrane

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