The Best Christmas Present + Coupon Code!

A few years ago my coworker brought a VHS to DVD conversion kit into our office. He was getting ready to move overseas, but he didn’t want his kids’ collection of movies to go to waste, so he had his assistant help convert the VHS’s to DVD and digital formats.

I had heard of this idea before, and thought about how great it would be to do for my parents. My dad especially loves to pull out our old home videos to watch as a family, embarrassing my brother and I in front of our spouses, and getting fodder for inside jokes to quote day in and day out.

With an upcoming trip for a family wedding where I would be traveling with my parents, I had my mom send me some of our home videos on VHS and borrowed my coworker’s equipment to convert them to DVD and digital. I surprised my dad with a few of our favorite videos on the trip. He loved it! We had so much fun watching the videos with our family after the wedding.

I loved being able to give him something so meaningful and sentimental. I know he cherishes those old videos so much, but who knows how much longer they will last? VHS and cassette tapes can be RUINED if the tape gets pulled out of them (remember that??). Who knows how much longer VCRs will exist? And they’re so bulky to store!


The problem was how difficult the process was for me! I only had the time to convert a few videos, and it was a painful process. First I had to use my coworker’s setup – a tv hooked up to a VCR and DVD player, along with some software that I would have no idea how to install. I had to purchase DVDs – and one of the kinds I purchased didn’t work at all. Then, you have to play the video and line it up with the DVD – making sure that it all fit onto the same disc without running over. If the VHS had extra time on it, you had to go stop the mechanism so you wouldn’t end up with a video of gray lines on your final DVD. In all, it was a huge hassle!

Fortunately, now there are services that will go through all the steps for you, saving you heartache and time! Heartland Box was kind enough to send over their Moments box for me to try. I jumped at the opportunity, since I had already been thinking of using a service to finish the rest of our home videos.


Moments Box

All you have to do is place your memories in the box that they send you, and ship it back to them (shipping label already included!). Then a few weeks later, you will receive your originals back with digital copies. It’s so easy, and reliable!


Right now my family’s home videos and photos are being processed so that I can present them to my dad at Christmas. It will be a surprise again, and I can’t wait to see his face when he opens his gift. There’s nothing better than knowing that our precious family memories are safe in this digital age!

The best news is that Heartland Box is offering YOU a promo code so you can try their services too!

I highly recommend this, whether as a Christmas gift or as a surprise the next time you see your parents or grandparents. If you’re worried that the digitization won’t be finished in time for Christmas, don’t worry! You can give the Heartland Box (empty) to your relatives as a gift, and have them fill it up and send it in themselves. That way you still get to give them the gift, and they get to send in whatever memories they choose. It’s a win-win!


You can digitize practically any format, too! VHS, 8mm, MiniDV, film reels, photographs in black and white or color, slides, negatives, and more. Transfer anything to digital so that your family and generations to come can enjoy your memories!


Discount code for Bohemian Bright readers: Use the code HBSJ30 when you order any size box from Heartland Box through their website for 30% off (no end date).

If you try it, let me know how it goes! 🙂

Photos from Heartland Box




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