Colorado Bucket List

Does anyone have a bucket? Let’s just say until the end of summer. 7 weeks – go!

  • Mahalo frozen yogurt vs. the Golden Spoon. Price vs. quality.
  • Walrus ice cream. Quality over quality.
  • Hikes?? Which ones? I’d like to do the 3 Lakes again (Emerald, Dream, Nymph). Plus some new ones. Hmm.
  • Do my job well! Have fun at the events and make them great 🙂 {Enjoy the carnival}
  • Bike everywhere!! To work, around town, etc.
  • This is not a very specific list. But I don’t care. It’s just ideas, man.
  • Hang with friends – invite people over to our place, visit others. Mainly the Harrisons, let’s be honest. But I do want to see other friends…
  • Catch sun and read at the pool
  • Exercise, exercise, exercise. I say it thrice because I want to do it. Pool (laps), run (if biking isn’t too much), yoga (a little bit each day), and a class (yoga or dance). Plus wall climbing, misc. swimming, all the biking, and hikes. Phew! I want to get fit! And overall, feel healthy and energized
  • Along those lines, eat well. Cook mostly veggies (veganish), eat salads (not thrilled about this so far), stock healthy snacks (smoothies, nuts, fruit). Avoid soda, don’t buy so many chips, NO GLUTEN
  • Keep our apartment clean
  • Love our roommates well, and get to know them. Show them Jesus. Have fun and make new friends
  • Go out downtown – explore. Eat at restaurants, read and talk in cafes, go to concerts and events, shop at local boutiques
  • Take a break from shopping-like-it’s-my-job. Target is only a 30 minute bike ride, buuut still. It’s arms length, ya know? Not too far, but hopefully far enough 😉
  • Eat at my fave gluten-free, healthy places – LarkBurger, Jamba Juice, Noodles & Co. Make new faves. Plus Mexican.
  • Margaritas when we need a break. I feel me.
  • Be Whit’s helper! Keep our place neat (/clean), cook for him, be patient, love him, etc.
  • Enjoy the conference – especially speakers, worship, some sessions, night life
  • See a movie in theaters and/or drive-in
  • Read (the Bible, finish Eat Pray Love, etc.)
  • Rent a movie from the Village Vidiot
  • Fuzzy’s, Beau Jo’s, Cafe Rio, HuHot, Noodles & Co, Thai food
  • Go to a festival or some kind of cool local event
  • I love Colorado!

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