The 50 Best Movies (In My Opinion)

The bookshelf in the living room of our home boasts an impressive collection of DVDs. Many of our guests like to admire them and borrow one or begin a discussion about their favorite movies. My DVD collection started when I realized that my family didn't own very many movies; the first DVD I purchased was … Continue reading The 50 Best Movies (In My Opinion)

Colorado Bucket List

Does anyone have a bucket? Let's just say until the end of summer. 7 weeks - go! Mahalo frozen yogurt vs. the Golden Spoon. Price vs. quality.Walrus ice cream. Quality over quality.Hikes?? Which ones? I'd like to do the 3 Lakes again (Emerald, Dream, Nymph). Plus some new ones. Hmm.Do my job well! Have fun … Continue reading Colorado Bucket List