Online Shopping

Where do you do your online clothes shopping?


When I want a new outfit, I always stick with stores I’m familiar with. J. Crew Factory, Target, and Anthropologie are my main go-to’s.

Well, I never buy clothes from Anthro, but they are fun to look at and I trust their brand and like their website. (Actually, I did buy a shirt there last week – my first Anthro clothing purchase! I was psyched. Only to be let down when it came in the mail, and it was WAY TOO TIGHT around my armpits. Stupid Jillian Michael’s making my arms ripped, and stupid sizing that wasn’t accurate. Boo.)

And, I’m obsessive with J. Crew Fac (as I call it in my brain). If they offer free shipping, I will probably buy something. When I hear “Clear the Clearance” I know I’m about to waste about an hour of my life scrolling through all the options.

Target is obvious.

I also feel comfortable browsing the sites of Victoria’s Secret, Old Navy, Gap, and American Eagle, because I know what I’m getting myself into. I rarely buy from any of these places though. I much prefer to shop in a real, live store!

I’ve looked at the websites of Forever 21, Loft, Urban Outfitters, and Madewell, but I’ve always felt too overwhelmed or intimidated to buy from them. If I don’t know how an item will fit or if it’s too expensive, I won’t browse for very long.

Lots of bloggers link to Nordstrom and ASOS, but I’ve never been into Nordstrom, and what is ASOS? It seems like a random collection of unrelated, overpriced items to me.

Where do you buy your clothes from, when shopping online?? I need help! I want to branch out and wear different styles but I’m stuck in a rut.

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