Friday Links

I like these things…


I officially think Kristen Bell is cool. I want every outfit and hairstyle of hers in this, and appreciate her parenting perspective here.

It goes against everything about me, but I think this commercial is really funny.

Want these jeans. I don’t know about you, but I am so mad that low-rise is out of style. I can’t find any pants that fit now!! I can’t do mid-rise, it just doesn’t work for me. Come back, low rise!!

Did you Celebrate Jacob? If you haven’t heard, my sweet friend Meg and her husband John-Mark recently lost their baby, Jacob. She has preciously opened her heart on their blog, and it’s been encouraging me, especially the way they so valued his life even before he was born.

A little ranty, but overall I agree that not every body should be praised for being exactly the way it is right now – yes, you’re always beautiful, but it might be in your health’s best interest to lose some weight, depending on the situation.

Just fell in love with this photographer. (Image via this link.)

“Our food is not healthy; we will be healthy if we eat nutritious food.”

Why I read blogs.

I am so happy that this dog loved his birthday celebration.

Things I hope I never say when house hunting.

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