Tela Wants Canned Food

I walk into kitchen. Tela hesitates, then scampers in after me. I open to fridge and get out meat, vegetables. Tela rubs her face against the refrigerator door, then tries to jump inside. I pull her out of the fridge, and turn the skillet on and open up the package of hamburger meat. Tela meows, … Continue reading Tela Wants Canned Food

Tela’s Resolutions

My New Year's Resolutions By Tela 1. Eat some catnip. 2. Go outside more. 3. Meow until I get my way. 4. Be fluffy.5. Get lots of kisses. Give none. 6. Rule the world. Editor's Note: Tela loved RADIATE. The staying in the hotel room part. Not the people part. She hated that. Also, I'm … Continue reading Tela’s Resolutions