Ode to 2 O’Clock

In my perfect world, it would be 2:00 all day long... At 2pm, you have the morning behind you, and the whole rest of the day ahead of you. The pressure to get things done and tiredness of the morning are gone. At 2, there's plenty of energy remaining and plenty of day left to … Continue reading Ode to 2 O’Clock


Wanderlust is what they call it; an insatiable desire to see, hear, smell, and taste more. More diversity, more picturesqueity, more depth, more generosity... More "culture." I could pick up and go at the drop of a hat. Or better yet, don a Panama hat. The getting there is as much the arrival as the … Continue reading Travel


Fuzzy and green, to the color there isn't quite a sheen; Lacking luster, most gloss over the gleam. Iridescence doesn't mean much when the only one looking over you is the moonlit night: It's not easy being green