31 Post Challenge – New Girl

Okay, this 31 post challenge is going to be harder than I thought. Let’s see, thoughts, thoughts, what are my thoughts? I think I will just start typing and see if it leads anywhere! Onward!

Season three of New Girl is on Netflix – finally! We just binge-watched the first four episodes. I realize other people’s definition of binge watching may include a much wider range of shows than that, but it was a lot for us. It wasn’t a mistake. That show is hilarious, and I’m so attached to the characters. Each character is developed so well and has such a distinct personality.

I want to be friends with Jessica Day, and I also kind of want to be her. She’s so confident and quirky, and kind and caring and funny. I’m jealous that she has a style that works so well for her and her personality. Nick Miller is so darn funny and cute, but so irresponsible, which makes him a little more irresistible. I always forgot how annoyingly irresponsible he is, but in real life I’m sure it would be way more obvious. Schmidt is annoying and way too full of himself, but he’s a strong character which makes for a good show. Winston is the wild card. He seems kinda boring and normal, but he’s so weird and says the most hilarious things.

Watching shows like New Girl and Friends makes me wish that I had a group of people that I was that close to. I mean, I have people that I’m really close with, but we don’t see each other often enough to know the ins and outs of each of our lives. I want that – never exactly had it in college, but it seems like so much fun. Right now Whit and I have TONS of friends – like way too many. I appreciate knowing and liking a lot of people and having them like me/us back, but sometimes I wish we had less people in our lives so we could be closer to them. There’s just not enough time to spend with everyone, you know what I mean?? It’s a good problem to have, but still not my “ideal.” I’m excited to see what community will be like in Heaven. I think it will be like being on vacation at church camp with your cousins. That’s the definition of the closest of the close in my world – having fun non-stop, sharing secrets, running around without a care in the world, and sleepovers. Always sleepovers.

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